Recipe #3 Chicken Marsala

It’s been a busy start to my week so @themarkdavistheory took the lead on this one… did the planning, shopping and cooking. As per OUR usual we had trouble sourcing 1 item… this week it was lactose free cream… 3 different stores and many frantic text messages later I saved the day and found the cream for my man… lol he actually saved the day because he cooked an amazing low carb, gluten free meal!! Chicken Marsala is usually served on mashed potatoes but Mark did it on a bed of cauliflower rice… it was so yummy and even better the next day for my lunch. I can’t comment on the ease of the recipe because I wasn’t even home when he cooked it. He said he slaved over the sauce but between you and me he can be a bit dramatic… jk jk… I’m actually the dramatic one in the relationship and we all know there is only room for one dramatic person in a duo!!

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