Recipe #8 Day 2 of the Gnocchi Adventure

We did it!!  Round number 2 of gnocchi was a success!! 

We love this quote from a super cheesy rom-com we watched, Little Italy.  In the scene a Nonno is cooking with his grandson (or maybe it was the Nonna and her granddaughter) it doesn’t really matter, the point is it was a kitchen chat and wisdom between generations that was being shared… the quote is  “Here is what I learned about love, life and cooking… learn from your mistakes, be fearless but above all have fun!!”  It pretty much sums up how we try to approach cooking!!   So when my first batch of GF gnocchi failed I laughed it off and tried again!!  I baked the potatoes instead of boiling them this time and that seemed to make all the difference in the world!!  I made the gnocchi and while it cooked (3 mins) Mark got the pan ready with asparagus, thyme and olive oil… I tossed the cooked gnocchi in and added some parmesan. So simple, fresh and delicious!!  The thyme went beautifully with the asparagus and it all combined so well together!!  The gnocchi recipe makes 4 servings so we are going to try the left overs tomorrow with tomatoes, olive oil, basil, parm and a bit of garlic… can’t wait to eat it again!!!  Recipe #8 actually down 98 still to go 😂

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