Recipe #3 Chicken Marsala

It’s been a busy start to my week so @themarkdavistheory took the lead on this one… did the planning, shopping and cooking. As per OUR usual we had trouble sourcing 1 item… this week it was lactose free cream… 3 different stores and many frantic text messages later I saved the day and found theContinue reading “Recipe #3 Chicken Marsala”

Recipe #1 Italian Beef

Recipe #1 down 105 to go!! Simple, quick, easy, fresh and super yummy… I will never buy pesto again!! Recipe #1 was a success!! Mark stopped for groceries on the way home. Had to go to 3 different stores for arugula and we have cooked and devoured already. @autumnbunny28 is loving this challenge. DM ifContinue reading “Recipe #1 Italian Beef”